Book reviews

One of the most exciting parts of being a researcher and teacher of digital politics is reading and discussing new (and old! but mostly new :)) publications on the subject. In our blog, we have two series of posts about books

  1. Books to watch out for: short descriptions and announcements of new publications. This is our way of keeping track of how the field of digital politics evolves. The series are curated by Adi Kuntsman.To browse through the series, click on the tag books-to-watch-out-for
  2. Book reviews: we will soon be launching a new, forthcoming series, publishing full length book reviews. If you have read a recently published book and are interested in publishing a review on our blog, please get in touch by emailing us.Every so often, we receive free review copies and put out a call for reviewers - watch this space for announcements. You can subscribe to email updates or join our Telegram channel to make sure you never miss a new post.
Photo: Adi Kuntsman