In December 2021, we launched our official blogging internship scheme. The scheme is supported by the Department of History, Politics and Philosiphy at ManMet to allow our undergraduate and Masters students to spend one month blogging about digital politics, to further their interest in, and knowledge of the subject, and to get blogging experience. During their time with us, the interns are mentored and training in preparing and writing their topics as well as in the technical aspects of maintaining a blog. To see all our interns' posts, please follow this link. Links to each intern's profiles and posts are listed below. Check them out - we are truly fortunate to have an incredible group of bloggers, covering a wide range of topics, from cyberfeminism to AI ethics, digital democracy, Metaverse, Internet regulation, disability justice, fake news and much, much more!

Our interns

Sharne Eliza Wood (December 2021)- writing about cyberfeminism, gaming, and gender and digital politics. Read Sharne's posts following this link. On completing the internship, Sharne wrote: "I’ve had a brilliant time on the Digital Politics Internship - I’d absolutely recommend it to any other students interested in writing and humanities studies. I’ve had a great time working on the posts and have definitely expanded my own knowledge and passion for the subject whilst doing it."

Helio Vaz Da Silva Junior (January 2022) - writing about AI, its regulation, its racial bias, and its environmental impact. Read Helio's posts following this link. On completion, he wrote: "This Digital Politics Internship has been an amazing experience for me. From the beginning till the end I've enjoyed the opportunity to show a bit about the Artificial Intelligence development in our society and also I learned a lot about AI while researching the post's topics. It was definitely an enriching experience that boosted my CV regarding digital skills. I recommend all students interested in digital governance to enjoy this internship. I hope everybody enjoyed my posts and understood what is happening in the tech world recently."

Jonathon Aaron Jones (January 2022) - writing about digital democracy, online censorship, and cyberwarfare. Read Jonathon's posts following this link. On completion, Jonathon wrote: "I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Digital Politics Internship. The creative freedom to write about topics that interest me and to develop a voice has been extremely rewarding"

Chelsie Lee Rattigan (February 2022) - writing about international politics, access to technology, and the Metaverse. Read Chelsie's posts here

Georgia Williams (February 2022)- writing about disability justice, LGBT and queer politics, and political participation. Read Georgia's posts here

Sara Khaliq (February 2022) - writing about Smar Governance, Smart Cities, and fake news. Read Sara's posts here

Ellie Powell (March 2022) - writing about apathy in politics, allyship fatigue, internet governance and rthics of a billionaire class. Read Ellie's post here. On completion, Ellie wrote: " I’d highly recommend this internship for anyone with an interest in digital political issues as it’s been so much fun to really get into researching things that I’m interested in and passionate about."

Tom Sandall (March 2022) - writing about blockcain technology and politics, the G0V movement in Taiwan, online petitions and their effectivenes, and e-democracy. Read Tom's posts here On completion, Tom wrote: "I took up this digital politics Internship as I wanted to improve my writing skills. Having to work within the timeframe of a piece per week is beneficial as I wanted the practice of doing different pieces on different subjects. I recommend this to any student who seeks to improve their writing and has an appetite for understanding the digital aspects to politics."

Safah Mahmood (April 2022) - writing about digital protest and activism. Read Safah's posts here.

Tom Brasher (April 2022)- writing about digital socialism, political movements, and automation. Read Tom's posts here.

Ambra Sargu (May 2022) - writing about social media politics, surveillance and digital warfare. Read Ambra's posts here. On completion, Ambra wrote: "Being a part of this team is an educative experience for me and it is a way that allows me to express myself as well as my points of views regarding different topics when it comes to digital politics. I am a hundred percent sure that this internship will help me boost my skills for the future."

Carmen Ortolá Mas (May 2022) - writing about digital infrastructures and radiation; e-waste and what can be done about it; and how to use social media to help protect the environment. Read Carmen's posts here.On completion, Carmen wrote: "My experience doing the Digital Politics Blog has been fantastic. I’ve got the opportunity to write about topics that I’m passionate about and I’ve learned lots of things researching for the posts. Environment and climate change is a big issue now, and we must make sure that we use digital technologies to do better than harm to preserve the world we live in. I recommend future students to join this blog and have the chance to improve their skills doing different types of research and writing more differently to what we’re used to in university."

Hanna Wahab (November 2022) - Writing about activism on social media, desensitisation and internet shutdowns. Read Hanna's posts here.

Isaac Leesley (February 2023) - writing about the relationship of social media and the wider internet to modern politics. Read Isaac's posts here

Shefali Kumar (February 2023) -Writing about freedom of speech, online activism/participation, and where culture meets politics. Read Shefali's posts here.

Edith Mabanda Binzunga (March 2023)- writing about social media and politics, internet access and online activism. Read Edith's posts here.

Ella May Lankstead( March 2023)- writing about online activism, young people's engagement and the dangers of politics moving into the online space. Read Ella's posts here.

Saba Omran(April 2023)-Read Saba's posts here.

Martha Lewins(April 2023)-Writing about the Conservative Party's campaigning strategy, the culture wars in UK politics which largely play out on social media, and the Labour Party's response to culture wars. Read Martha's posts here.

Molly Frances Haines(May 2023)-The topics I'm covering are social media trends, AI deepfakes from the lenses of misinformation and exploitation, and how technology intersects with the arts. The overall theme is how the internet and technology shape and inform our behavior and understanding of the world. Read Molly's posts here. On completion, Molly wrote "The Digital Politics Blog internship was an unbelievable experience and I feel so honored to have been allowed the opportunity to write for the blog. As a Digital Politics MSc student, I have learned about a wealth of topics related to digital studies and digital politics, and this internship gave me an outlet to write about specific niches within the field and share them in a professional capacity. This internship is the first writing job, and through this internship, I learned new skills in journalistic writing and research that will be invaluable moving forward."

Patrick Lawrence Richardson(May 2023) - writing about social injustices, specifically how social media influences the world's view on an event. Read Patrick's posts here.

Amal Es Sebaiy-El Baita(May 2023) - Read Amal's posts here.

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