Welcome to our March intern, Tom Sandall

Warmest welcome to our March interns! We ask each intern to briefly introduce themselves.

I am a mature first-year student studying Politics. On reflection, I may belong to the last generation to have grown up with the distinct dial-up connection tone. One of my earliest memories was of the family's first PC. I had to check with my father when we first 'dialled up'; it was in 1998, so I would have been four! According to my father, the computer boasted 10gb memory, 128k ram, and a 750mhz processor and cost £999. I was on the internet every day seven years later, addicted to web-based gaming. Our lives have become ever more integrated with the digital sphere, which thoroughly interests me. There has been much progress in the social, commercial, and entertainment arenas. The social aspects have created many issues within the political, so feel that it's this area that needs the most work.

Tom's post can be found by following this link