Welcome to our April Intern, Saba Omran

Warmest welcome to our April interns! We ask each intern to briefly introduce themselves.

I’m third year International Relations with Modern Standard Arabic student. I am interested in how social media has changed the way in which politics is being absorbed, and how politicians use social media outlets to target younger populations, and am curious to see if this will affect the way our generation views politics, as well as the internets impact on revolutions around the world. It is evident that the internet and politics are intertwined.

Being of Palestinian descent, I have always having grown up being from a place constantly in the news, usually for the wrong reasons, I am extremely fortunate to have been able to travel and learn about issues myself, and formed opinions based on my personal experiences.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts!

Saba's posts can be found by following this link.

Image: Trees singing by Adi Kuntsman