Welcome to our February intern, Isaac Leesley

Warmest welcome to our February interns! We ask each intern to briefly introduce themselves.

Hello, I’m Isaac, a first-year BA politics and philosophy student. My interest in the digital aspect of politics was piqued within the context of politics and social media becoming ever intertwined and inseparable. Seeing at the evolving role of media in in a digital age and sound-bite catchphrase-oriented politics as well as the increasing use of technology and internet-oriented policy in government. For example, looking at El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as currency or the growing recognition of social media as platforms for political control and influence. Additionally, I’ll be examining the role of prominent politicians’ social media in spreading more extreme rhetoric especially in regards to the growth of the Far-Right.

Isaac's post can be found by following this link

Image: Trees singing by Adi Kuntsman