Welcome to our January intern, Helio Vaz Da Silva Junior

Warmest welcome to our January interns! We ask each intern to briefly introduce themselves.

I am a second-year International Relations and Mandarin student, an Industrial Researcher in the tech field and an Immigration Services Adviser in an ONG in Manchester. I am from Brazil, and I am proud to be one of the first people in my community to contribute my perspectives for Artificial Intelligence ethical purposes. I really appreciate learning languages, that is the reason I am studying Mandarin Chinese as a third language. Also, by learning languages, I enjoy supporting migrants and refugees to establish a stable life in the UK. I am interested in Artificial Intelligence for global governance and international development. Regarding my post suggestions, I am planning to approach AI ethical implications in data management, Technocracy and the "Whiteness of AI".

Helio's posts can be found by following this link.