HACKATHON: digital technologies, the environment, and social justice

Do digital technologies help or harm the planet? What are the relations between digitisation, environmental degradation and social injustice? Can we change the way we use digital technologies, to better protect human and non-human life? Join us to explore these questions and to work together on imagining creative alternatives to digital environmental harms. Our Hackathon brings together students, researchers, stakeholders and community members to join in conversation about what kind of sustainable and just future we would like to see.

21 June 2022, Manchester Metropolutan University, SODA building, room 1.01. The event is free, but registration is required. Please register here. Lunch will be provided


9.30-10.00 Registration

Morning: learning

10.00-11.00 Decolonising and decarbonising our digital society: presentations

  • Is it Time to Acknowledge “Blood iPhone’s”? Darryl Chitura-Bidwell,MA in International Relations and Global Communications, MMU
  • How do the fashion industry and IT small-medium enterprises consider digital environmental harms?, Decolonising and Decarbonising our Digital Society Grand Challenge, RISE at ManMet team, MMU

11.00-11.15 Break

11.15-12.15 Green web design and digital sustainability, guest talk, Tom Greenwood, the founder of Wholegrain Digital

12.15-1.00 Lunch

Afternoon: imagining

1.00- 2.15 Imagining alternatives: group work, facilitated by Beth Senior and Danny Cookney

2.15-2.30 Break

2.30-3.30 Sharing our ideas and wrap up