Welcome to our May intern, Carmen Ortolá Mas

Warmest welcome to our May interns! We ask each intern to briefly introduce themselves.

I am an International Relations and Global Communications MA student. In the final stretch of my master's, I must say that this year has been a digital and political awakening for me. As the course progressed, I realised how digital politics are continuously affecting our lives, well-being, and the environment and how unconscious we all may seem to this – sometimes without noticing the seriousness of the issue.

This is why my purpose here is to make you questioning the impacts of technological devices and infrastructures on our health and the environment. In my posts I will be writing about e-waste, living near communication infrastructures and data centres, AI to reduce contamination and preserve ecosystems, and using social media to educate people about taking care of our world.

Carmen's post can be found by following this link